Enfer Medical Board Appointments

The Board of Enfer Medical is pleased to announce the appointment of Mr. Billy Coleman as Chairperson and Mr. Paul Turnbull as Managing Director of Enfer Medical with immediate effect.

Billy Coleman, Chairperson of Enfer Medical commented:

On behalf of the stakeholders and board of Enfer Medical Ltd., I am delighted to welcome Paul on board as Managing Director. Enfer Medical is in a very exciting space and we are delighted that Paul is joining us. As Chairperson of Enfer Medical, I am looking forward to supporting Paul and the Executive Team as we execute new and exciting plans for the business.”

Paul Turnbull, Managing Director of Enfer Medical, also commented:

I am very much looking forward to the journey ahead with the Enfer Medical team. As an extremely innovative and dynamic organisation focused on quality in patient results, I believe Enfer Medical is uniquely positioned to lead laboratory diagnostics in the years ahead. As Managing Director, I am delighted to join the team, and look forward to opening new channels for growth.”