HPSC Information on Gastroenteric Infectious Diseases

The Gastroenteric Section on HPSC’s website provides leading guidance, surveillance reports and publications on gastroenteric infectious diseases. This group of diseases are an important cause of ill health but can be largely prevented by thorough hand washing.

Click on the selection links contained within the table below to be directed to further information on the HPSC website, or select the HPSC link below to be directed to the general gastroenteric section of the website.

Bacillus cereus HUS
Botulism Listeriosis
Campylobacter Norovirus
Clostridium difficile Paratyphoid
Clostridium perfringens Rotavirus
Cholera Salmonellosis
Cryptosporidiosis Shigellosis
Cyclosporiasis Staphylococcal food poisoning
E. coli Typhoid
Enteroviral Infections Viral Gastroenteritis
Foodborne Illness VTEC
Gastroenteritis or IID Yersiniosis
Giardiasis Petting Farms